Core idea:

Core values: customer, innovation, team, morale, method;

Mission: to lead the wave of information technology to promote social civilization and progress;

Vision: to become an advanced information technology products and leading solution provider;

Four strategies: focus, integration, internationalization, the community of interests.

Enterprise spirit:

Work style: rapid response precision execution;

Sense of competition: the courage to face the competition in the face of competition.

Basic value idea:

Management thoughts: cost, quality, service, objective, process, performance evaluation.

Innovative ideas: the implementation of the value of innovation.

Marketing concept: customer focus.

The idea of knowledge management: creating value of accumulation and sharing.

Capital operation concept: actively and steadily, and into the mutual benefit and mutual financing.

Value distribution concept: performance oriented.

The concept of social responsibility: to become rich and grow up with the customer to contribute to the society.

Market philosophy: focus synergy.

Technological concept: technological innovation is the driving force.

Talent concept: the ability to determine the stage performance reflects the value of wealth return talent.